Battle of the Newsfeeds: RANsquawk Vs Livesquawk Vs Financial Source

A professional newsfeed is one of the most important tools that a professional trader has. It can be the difference between making money consistently and always missing the move.

In this article, I’m going to run through the top three players and compare the pros and cons of each one. 

This should help you select the best solution for your own trading situation. 

Let’s meet the players: 


RANsquawk Is one of the leading newsfeeds in the industry. Their original founders used to work on the analyst desk of a major trading firm. 

After a while, they decided to leave that firm and set up their own analyst desk. The idea was to supply their research, analysis and breaking news to a range of clients rather than a single firm. 

The main strength of RANsquawk is, as you might have guessed from the name, their audio squawk. 

They scour over 100 news sources, around the clock. According to their website, 80% of the top 10 UK investment banks use their audio squawk on their trading desks. 

They also operate a headline feed and some basic market research reports. Their premium clients can also access their analyst desk to ask questions. 

Based in the City of London they regularly attract top analysts. 

Pro’s for RANsquawk:  

  • Audio squawk is fast and accurate 
  • It’s widely used by institutional trading houses, banks and desks 

Con’s against RANsquawk: 

  • There is very little interpretation of news and information  
  • Their economic calendar can be difficult to use 

Financial Source (previously Forex Source)

Financial Source was launched back in 2018. It’s slightly unique in that it is targeted towards home-based traders rather than purely institutional ones. 

One thing you might not know is that Forex Source actually includes an audio feed from RANsquawk. This enables users to enjoy the benefits of having multiple sources of breaking news. 

Forex Source has one core strength. They help traders interpret and understand currency fundamentals

They also gather all available news, research and analysis together. They turn this into actionable trade ideas. 

Their trading terminal also includes a research section. This contains a series of visual indicators. It helps traders visualize the strongest and weakest currencies, at a glance. 

Forex Source also has an analyst chat feature and the ability to search for historical information. 

Pro’s for Financial Source: 

  • Contains multiple data sources to bring the best information into a single feed 
  • The most user-friendly product in the market 

Con’s against Financial Source: 

  • They don’t have an economic calendar 
  • The analyst chat is only active during European trading hours 


Livesquawk are the one of the main institutional news and analysis services. 

They are not as long running as RANsquawk but still one of the most established providers in the industry. 

The core strength of Livesquawk is that they have unrivalled access to Central Bank lockups.  

This allows them to release their news and analysis of major bank statements before anyone else. 

They’re research and analysis has been released by the time most other providers are first receiving the initial statement. 

RANsquawk do have an accelerated ECB feed but Livesquawk also have accelerated feeds for BOE and FED. 

They do also provide an audio squawk. Their focus tends to be on a range of assets, including bonds, equities and currencies. 

They also produce daily research reports that users can follow and trade with. They don’t have an established chat feature. 

Pro’s for Livesquawk

  • Unrivalled access to central bank lock-ups  
  • Wider range of asset coverage 

Con’s against Livesquawk: 

  • Much of their single channel audio can be irrelevant unless you trade all assets 
  • Their feed, audio and entire interface is the least user friendly in the market place 


If you’re an institution looking for the best solution for your trading team, then RANsquawk is a good overall option. 

If your firm conducts high speed trading, the lock up access that Livesquawk enjoys could be a worthy advantage. 

If you trade from home or from a desk inside a prop firm, then Financial Source probably has the edge. 

The combination of fast breaking news, audio squawk and dedicated interpretation are pretty compelling. 

Their analyst team also strive to generate actionable trade ideas daily. They also dig out trades recommended by major investment banks each day. 

I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. 

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